Salmon Favorelles some tips maybe?


12 Years
Nov 27, 2007
Albany, NY
I love how the SF look, and I finally ordered some because I wanted to get into showing them. I wasn't able to find any in my area. Well 4 of the 5 that I ordered from MM died within 4 weeks. That was from the weeksthey were having problems. I have one hen left who is 7 weeks now, and what a friendly, quiet little girl she is. So I am hooked and ordered 10 more from Ideal. I have since read that they are not the hardiest chicks. I ordered standards, will they get big enough to put in with my Red Stars, my one hen seems so small. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there on this breed. Any info would be helpful


12 Years
Aug 9, 2007
Mushroom Mardi Gras Land, CA
I have a few of them. Mine are hardy, they do tend to get picked on by the other breeds I have because they are so gentle. I like that they lay during the winter months as well.

Mine get really dirty since they free range but they still look cute even with muddy cheeks and foot feathers LOL!

You will love them they are so sweet!


12 Years
Oct 5, 2007
I have two they are gentle and sweet and can hold there own again the rest of the flock it seems. I got my first egg from one of them the day before yesterday. I got mine from Meyer hatchery and they were very hardy strong chicks and have been living outside since they were 6 weeks old in a chicken tractor and that was in october so mine are very hardy and they overwintered inside the chicken tractor with no heat. They are a great breed and really cool to be around.


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