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15 Years
Jan 13, 2007
I am on the search for some large fowl BQ pullets to put in with my boy. The 2 girls I have that I have are ok, but not the quality I want so if anyone can help me out that is great, I can do hatching eggs also even though I don't need anymore roos right now:) so pullet eggs would be awesome:lol:
If it were that simple right?
Many of the hatcheries have Salmon Faverolles. You have to research their quality. You can get eggs on Eggbid and Ebay. I had them for my first chickens and they are a lovely breed. Very sweet.
I haven't really seen much real good quality from hatcheries of any birds, I ordered salmon favs from sandhill, they are all going to be butchered, crooked feed, poor color, lack of size. Most the chanteclers we got are nice though, the ones from ideal not so good, healthy birds though. I prefer to go through breeders now.
I agree on going through breeders, especially when you want quality birds that are going to really be representative of the breed. Faverolles are a good case in point.

You could try Rose Isgrigg at , or see if you can track down Dick Boulanger from the Faverolles Fanciers ~ . The club members have seemed rather hard to get ahold of, as you may already know.

You could also look at old show results, research the names of the top winners and reach them through the web.

Good luck! We need more Faverolles breeders, so please keep us posted if you decide to pursue this yourself!
Okay,,,,,,,how do I check out "Gatekeeper" (be patient with me ---I am new to this:/) Thanks!
Would you mind PM ing me? Thanks!
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Thanks for the info. Just in the little bit I have learned already...........(the sweet girls I got from a very nice chicken person ,he said they came for McMurray) my birds are not up to the standard. As someone had spoke about on this forum, their confirmation seems okay, but there is way too much black in the beard and on their backs!

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