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  1. hagers4HIM

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    Dec 5, 2014
    I recently discovered my fancy favorolle is a rooster. I was hoping he was a girl laying pink eggs. I have small girls and he's coming into his boy tendencies. I am looking to find him a new home. What is the best way to do that?
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    Aug 17, 2014
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    That is a tough one since so few roosters are needed per larger numbers of hens, and many places don't allow roosters all together.

    If he has a good temperament for a roo and is a nice example of his salmon faverolle breed he stands a much, much better chance of finding a new home.

    I do know that you can post him up on this website (there is a section for rehoming), and include some good pictures of him to find other poultry people maybe looking for this breed. If you go the craigslist route that is a tough one because most folks don't want to pay much for a rooster, and you kind of have to take the word of whomever takes this guy that they are being honest and don't want to eat him or use him for other reasons. Listing where he came from (like did he come from a breeder, or is he a hatchery roo?) helps too, because if he comes from a particular breeder or line he will be much more marketable for breeding purposes in a new home.

    If you don't mind that he is eaten, but just want someone to do so humanely putting a post up on this site or on craigslist (and screening the people), should get you results quite quickly.

    I eat my own roos (it is sad when they are one I liked more), but that is because I know that when I process them I am doing it humanely and not using them for cock fighting or anything like that. Would perhaps sell one that was exceptional and/or a rare breed but haven't had that come up yet.

    I totally respect different views on this, and since he is a salmon faverolle I think if you put some posts up with good pics you have a good shot at finding him new digs with some ladies, esp if he is a gentleman overall. Oh! And if he is being kinda rough on your girls, go ahead and separate him for the time being at least part time at minimum so none of the ladies are being accosted. If he is crowing loudly and making too much noise you can also try a anti-crowing band to see if that helps till he is rehomed too.
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    Jul 28, 2008
    I am curious why it took so long to determine that he was male. Faverolles gender can usually be determined relatively early even with hatchery birds.

    Only suggestions I can make are to list him on craigslist or your local feed store.

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