Salmonella in Wild birds - should we clean all eggs?


11 Years
Jun 13, 2008
We've noticed some Pine Siskins around our property acting sick, and I've taken away 3 dead ones from my chickens that they probably caught - the sick birds fly so poorly that you can catch them. I've googled this and it turns out this species of bird is VERY prone to outbreaks of Salmonella, and this is also a bumper year for that species.

My chickens are showing no signs of disease at all, and we always practice hand-washing after handling them.

But we sell our eggs. I have never cleaned our eggs, except as Damerow recommends with sandpaper on small spots. We seldom have a really dirty egg (except when its muddy) and anything that's really dirty we keep. I'm wondering if I should be dipping all the eggs in a chlorine solution.

Everything I've read says eggs are safe provided they are cooked properly, but I still wondered what you guys think.

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