Salmonella poisoning after bringing new chicks home...


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Jun 4, 2010
Hi everyone.

We brought 4 new chicks home last weekend (2 Americanas, 1 Silky and 1 NJ Red) from the Half Moon Bay Feed Store and both my children and their mom have been ill since Tuesday. Vomiting and Diarrhea, fever and stomachache are the symptoms, a visit to our doctor confirmed our fear. At least one of the chicks is carrying salmonella but we don't know which one(s).

A couple other children who we introduced to the chicks have gotten ill as well. We feel awful for not being more dilligent about sanitizing hands after handling the birds...

The reason I'm posting here is because I don't know what to do about the birds. The feed store we bought them from was unsympathetic, the lady on the phone seemed unconcerned that they are selling disease carrying birds.

Do we need to euthanize them? Is there any way to eliminate the infection without killing off the chicks.

Are we to assume that they are all infected since they are sharing the same heat lamp?

Will they pass the disease on to our existing flock?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
Salmonella is a bacteria so it will eventually die off. You don't have to cull, just wash hands after each use.

I'll research this more as it's not a common occurrence.
Most birds, lizards, turtles, and frogs carry it.

I got it from my pet iguana..
I dont know if you can get rid of it in your animal.
I was told some animals become carriers for life.
But that was before I had internet, so now I can research it.

I was told you are supposed to only drink clear fluids and not to eat regular food till you feel better. But who knows, the doctors around here are not that good. I guess it was to starve it..
Thanks for your input chickens.

I'm not so much concerned for my family. Salmonella is especially dangerous for newborns and elderly. We are going to be OK.

Hopefully we'll be able to eat a real meal together again soon... the eggs are piling up so we're due for a Quiche dinner soon!

Our new chicks, however... They look just fine. one of them had a bit of the "poopy butt" which seems to have cleared up since we trimmed the feathers the other night.

It seems pretty clear they are carrying the bacteria though and I'm wondering if there are any folk remedies for killing off the infection rather than the birds.

We're going to try putting garlic powder in their water as a first step. We'd appreciate any other suggestions that are out there.

Thanks again!
It's not the chicks - IMHO. It's the hygene. Lesson learned, right? Hope y'all will be sharing a pizza by tomorrow night.
From what I have read it seems some chickens can carry it but the length of time varies.

Hygiene is important but most chickens, mine included, don't carry salmonella or don't have a strain that affects humans. The state vet here in CT told me that rodents leaving droppings or urine on eggs is the main cause of salmonella in eggs.

I know for a fact that most of us here handle our birds and don't wash our hands afterwards unless we start cooking or something like that. Heck, I bite my nails (bad habit) and have never gotten ill.

What concerns me the most here is how many people were infected. That must be a very strong strain to be able to infect like that.
Are you positive that your family didnt get any undercooked meat? or something?
Maybe you can bring a chick in to be tested? just to be sure where the salmonella came from...
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That's a very good point.

Someone in my past who was very dear to me came down with Campylobacter a few days after we got our first chicks. We thought maybe the chicks gave it to her but the doctor said she probably got it from food and it was just a coincidence. No one else in the house got it.
We handle our current flock of 7 birds without strict "hygiene" practices and have never gotten ill from them.

It seems there is something "special" about one or more of the new batch of chicks.

We are pretty sure it is the birds because our friends' kids, who also handled them, have gotten ill. The common denominator is the birds, not any "undercooked" or "dirty" food.

Thanks for the heads up about the previous forum.. I'll check it out.

much obliged for all the input. Thanks again peeps!

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