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    I'm not sure if I have this in the right place, so please feel free to relocate it mods if necessary....

    The kids and I have been sick with stomach "flu" for about a week now. Headaches, sore eyes, stomach cramps, diarrhea, no appetite, etc.

    I'm wondering..... we have been cleaning out the waterers every day because it is so hot and they get green quickly. Could we have gotten Salmonella from their waterers?

    Or... Our hens will eat the chick starter that is in the coop where all the juveniles are kept. Is it safe to eat their eggs after they have eaten medicated chick starter?

    Our illness may be totally unrelated to our chickens, but it has been going on so long and we seem to get better and then worse again, so I thought it might be because when we start eating again, we usually have eggs.

    Just wondering if anyone has any info. Thanks, Suz
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    I'm no medical expert, but I have had salonella and it was a VIOLENT, VIOLENT but thankfully of short duration.

    Myself, my hubby and my MIL all got it within 6 hours of each other - traced it back 72 hours to the last meal we'd all eaten together - Bojangles Fried chicken.

    It hit HARD - serious stomach distress for about 24 hours, and then another day of feeling very weak, nauseated and no appetite. But it didn't linger for more than 2-3 days for us.

    Dunno - they might have it, or another similar problem. If symptoms persist, INSIST on a fecal exam for the kids at the Drs to determine exactly what the organism is so then you will know how best to treat it.
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    That is what I have right now [​IMG] I've been so sick the past two days. I've read up on it and it should be gone in 5-7days. I think I got it from a salad Sunday night at a local restaurant.

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