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    I need some reassurance here I suppose. This is mine and my husbands first go at raising chickens, and we have had them since March. They are outside in their coop and today I noticed that one of them had a bloody foot, so I grabbed her out of the coop and held her close so she couldn't squirm away while trying to find her a place to be on her own for a bit. In any case, I washed my hands after I was done, but it completely escaped me to change my shirt, wash my arms, etc. I have two small children that like to climb on me, and although i keep trying to tell myself its fine, I'm honestly freaking a little.

    A little background on me, i am a former nursing student who has taken a huge interest in natural/organic farming and medicine. However, as I've learned, my field of choice can definitely over-medicalize things, and after one class of microbiology, I'm sorry to say I'm a bit paranoid about germs. i know i shouldn't be, especially raising livestock, and I am learning to relax and let go, then i go and make a silly mistake like that. :( we thoroughly enjoy our chickens, and enjoy the dozen eggs we get each day, i just need some advice/reassurance/whatever. Thanks :)
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    I also had (more extensive) microbiology and parasitology classes, and paranoia isn't such a bad thing sometimes. ON the other hand, we all must eat a certain amount of dirt as we grow up; my Aunt Aimee said it and I agree with her! I don't kiss their lips, and wash up after handling, but it's not a sterile world out there. Try to relax and enjoy! Mary
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