Salmonellae free Hatchery???

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    I was ordering some chicks and asked them to come with NPIP paperwork; I also discussed how hard it was to find guidelines about becoming certified Organic.
    The next day the hatchery called stating that they were not certified Salmonella free and could not provide that paperwork.
    The spokesperson stated some states required this for the NPIP certification.
    My local NPIP inspector for small farms was contacted and he stated that MS. doesn't care about certified salmonella free and all commercial hatcheries were NPIP certified. All this didn't matter because each farm is inspected and a sampling of the birds are tested. I asked if it mattered if the hatchery is certified Salmonellae free and he said no long as the birds at local certification are clean. Getting information and advice is like picking hens teeth so here I am.
    1 can I ever get certified organic if we start with birds from this hatchery?
    2 Is there more risk of infected birds from this hatchery?
    3 Would you find another source? They have a very good price and available birds for my deeded hatch time.
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    IMHO, salmonella isn't that big of a concern. I don't believe any state requires them to be tested for salmonella for NPIP certification. Most states only require a Pullorum-Typhoid test.
    Being certified salmonella free won't help with organic certification. Birds can be certified organic and still have salmonella.
    As long as chicks are raised and fed organically after day 2, they can be certified.
    I think any hatchery or breeder chicks would qualify. It would probably be easier to find salmonella free from a breeder that tests as a matter of course since salmonella can be transmitted vertically.

    for USDA organic rules
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    Perfect response!
  4. I suggest getting on the Spring list for Will Morrow. Salmonella is one of many things he tests for. The only one I know of that both tests rigorously and also raises his birds on pasture.

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