Salpingitis getting worse! advice needed


Jan 23, 2019
I have a 3-4 year old brown shaver hen that has had salpingitis (lash egg) for almost year now (see previous thread:

She has been treated with antibiotics twice now, the second time she didn't react so well and contracted sour crop a few days later. For the past few months she has been in great health. She has had a pasty but and runny droppings but the colour was fine and she was eating, drinking and talking well. During this time she was laying the occasional tiny lash egg (nothing like the size of those in the previous thread).

Since last week however she started going downhill again. She has lost her appetite and today she isn't eating AT ALL. She is weak, has lost a lot of weight, and is very lethargic. She has been in this position a few times before and with extra care, has somehow pulled through. BUT, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I should do. Considering her breed and condition, my local vet thinks it is likely she has egg peritonitis. I got the impression there wasn't much I could do about this. She hasn't laid an egg in about 2 years and being a commercial breed, is highly susceptible to all sorts of egg-laying issues. Is it fair to keep trying to make her better or is it time I put her out of her misery?

p.s. I have stopped getting commercial breeds following from the many health problems my brown shavers have experienced :(
I personally would cull, but that's a personal decision. Some like to try to keep them going no matter what. I look at quality of life, and whether there's a chance of improvement. Since your hen has had repeated problems the odds of her improving decrease unfortunately. Many higher production hens will die of reproductive cancers or problems. I avoid them too.

Definitely follow your gut on this one. Only you can decide what's best. A chicken only knows now. If it doesn't feel well it doesn't know anything else.

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