Salt Water Test for Hygrometers

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    Has anyone had experience with doing the salt water test for hygrometers?
    I recently did the test on several of my hygrometers and now I am having trouble figuring out how to calculate the descrepancy between each one and the 75% RH factor.
  2. Highlander

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    Oct 1, 2008
    OK so as you know the hygro should read 75% after 24 hours in a sealed container with the salt mixture. Whatever yours is off by then you just adjust accordingly in the incubator, so say your hygro read 70% and you are shooting for 40% humdity in the bator then you adjust the humidity until your hygro reads 45 as it was 5% low. If it read 78 after 24 hours you would adjust until your hygro read 37 as it reads 3% high. Hope that helps.
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