Samonella and Hatcheries

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    Article from CDC link on gave stats of samonella outbreaks Worth repeating...Said 97% were in ppl who had bought chicks from hatcheries.!!
    ESTES hatchery Springfield Mo had a large outbreak earlier which is now under control

    Beware guys who you buy from.
  2. yeah and that was ONLY 316 cases in 37 states

    out of HOW many chickens sold and owned??????

    You stand a bigger risk of getting in a car accident.. or catching a funky flu bug from your kids who bring it home from school...

    a little common sense (like washing your hands or general cleanliness) goes a long way.....
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    I agree, you should handle poultry with clean hands and wash your hands very well after you handle them. Young children and people with certain immune disorder's should be very cautious ( I have an immune disorder) but just simply not kissing the chicks, rubbing them to your face and soap and watergoes a long way in prevention.

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