SAN DIEGO, CA Gorgeous Red Rooster Available for Adoption

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    Jun 2, 2014
    Russel Crow is a beautiful red rooster. He has a red saddle but his abdomen feathers are mahogany red. The base of his tail feathers are brown and the sickles are black. The tips of his wings are also black. I thought he was a New Hampshire Red rooster but his comb is not a single one but a beautiful pea comb. His legs are white and his nails are grayish. According to other backyardchicken members, Russel is a mix breed. He is a strong, healthy and a beautiful animal and appears to be very smart as when he pretends he is eating to get close to my cat to chase her. The cat knows better. Anyhow I would like him to go to a good home where he would be able to get and protect his own flock-not for food! I am moving and for the meantime I do not have room for him as my hens will be joining an already existing flock where a rooster already lives and I do not think Russel Crow will get along with other roosters. Please call if you are interested and can fulfill requirements. Thank you. I am in San Diego, CA.
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    Sep 22, 2014

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