San Diego white Silkie Roo

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    My beloved "Marshmallow" that I bought to be my broody has started crowing :( At 9 months old, he's a fluffy adorable nugget. I nursed him back from cocci and pasty butt. He's a fighter! Has been pampered and well fed with organic feed and probiotic-rich kefir, as well as being pastured. He has been handled frequently and was letting me hold him and carry him around, as well as sitting on my lap.

    My other Roos were killed by an unknown predator so he's the only remaining bantam roo to 11 reg sized hens. Poor guy gets no love :(. He had a BLRW roo buddy (two bottom totem pole Roos) but since his buddy was murdered and he is the dominant roo he has become a bit more aggressive for his hens. It of course doesn't hurt as he is a wee lad who can't see well with all that fuzz.

    I want to find him a home with lots of other silky girls who will pay him some attention.

    I can email pics, just can't add them here on my phone

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