San Francisco Bay Area Newbie


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Hey, I'm new to raising chickens ( My chicks will turn 1 this sat 4/20/13). I wasn't planning on raising chickens but I walked into a pet store and couldn't walk away from the chicks they had there. Luckily they were out of ducks at the moment or I'd have ducks as well. My friend surprised me by buying two Easter Eggers for me. I had to hide them for the first month of their time with me but soon after my parents surprisingly accepted them and my father even built them a nice little hen house.
Now Josie and Chona roam around destroying my grandparents vegetable garden, scaring my toy poodle, Mona, and cuddling up next to my lazy pit, Remy.
Greetings from Kansas, roxtastic89, and
! Happy you joined our flock! You're not a chicken newbie at all if your birds are going be a year old this weekend - heck, you're an old hand!
Sounds like you are having a blast with your birds! Have fun!

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