San Mateo County Planning Commission Meeting May 26; chicken ordinance

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    May 18, 2010
    The San Mateo County (California) planning commission will discuss a draft ordinance for keeping chickens in unincorporated San Mateo county at their meeting in Redwood City on May 26th.

    What is being proposed is to allow 2-4 hens on a lot size larger than 5000 sf. If 5000 sf or less, only 2 hens will be allowed. This is for R1 and R2 zones. Currently, as of 1992, it is against code to have chickens on your property in Unincorporated SMC. If someone complains they will make you get rid of your chickens. The main county concern is apparently noise and the additional complaint calls that will occur is additional chickens are allowed.

    If you are interested in being able to have more then 2-4 hens, you might want to send an email or attend the Planning Commission meeting and speak. The issue will be on the May 26th Planning Commission agenda, found here: The agenda is posted now; the draft ordinance will be posted there before the meeting. (Make sure to reference File# PLN2010-00125) The Commission Secretary can be reached at (650) 363-1859 or by email: [email protected].

    Meetings are at 9am and are usually held in the Chambers of the Board of Supervisors, Hall of Justice & Records, 400 County Center, Redwood City.

    It is possible, that if people whom oppose amending the code to allow poultry, speak or strongly make themselves heard to the Commission, it may stay illegal to own chickens, so if you are a SM resident and a backyard chicken enthusiast, please make yourselves heard.

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    nrdesieyes, I'm curious what the current law is, and how this issue turned out.

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