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    Dec 25, 2010
    i use small particle river sand in my aviaries (sea sand has salt and would kill all aviary plants). i have a layer of 10 cm of sand at the bottom of my aviaries. i use a leaf 'fork' (what u use to gather leafs of your yard in autumn) and a custom made square bucket with a sieth on the bottom side (the loops in the sieth can only let the sand particles pass through and nothing else). i use the leaf fork as a broom and i sweep the top sand layer off all my aviaries little by little through the siethed bucket . it is easier than it sounds its the same as sweeping your house. all droppings stick to the sand immediately and dry out they become little hard rocks that are held by the sieth so when i am done only sand remains on the bottom of my aviaries. i clean the duck aviary once a week and my pheasant aviary once or twice a week . my rule is 'if i can see droppings on the bottom of the aviaries its time to clean'.my method only works when the sand is bone dry but i live in Greece so it does not rain very often and when it does rain comes as hard storms that don't last long and the sand is dry by the next day,trying to follow the same method on wet sand would be an impossible task since wet sand sticks to its self and does not go through the sieth
    i intend to do the same for my chicken coop although it will probably need cleaning more often but it will not take me more than 3-5 minutes to do it .
    what methods do u use ?
    how often do u clean?
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    I use sand inside my two little coops and it works very very well for me. I use a kitchen spoon w/ holes in it, that one would use for straining to pick up the poops and then pour it all in a strainer and shake out any excess sand. When the pail gets somewhat full, I wash that sand and leave it out to dry and reuse. I only have 5 chickens tho.

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