Sand vs. Dirt? Are there other terrains for a backyard chicken run?


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7 Years
Jun 25, 2012
Delaware County, PA
We have five chickens in a medium sized chicken coop with a 12 foot run. We just have dirt in our run but a friend of ours uses sand in theirs. She said the sand drains well, is easy to clean, and the chickens can also use it as grit. I just wanted to get a few more opinions.

Also, is there anything else that you can use for the terrain in your run?


12 Years
Sep 4, 2010
NE Ohio
I would love to have more sand in our chicken run - but it is sooooo large. We have free woodships that we put in the low spots and that helps with the mud. There is always something to scratch for in the chips. We do have an old sandbox with sand, and they use that for bathing. They have free range of the vegetable garden, so do not spend all day in the run anyway. With 8 days of straight rain, I have to say their run is spongy and wet.

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