Sandhill Preservation Jersey Giants

Master S.M.C

12 Years
Jan 23, 2009
I am thinking of ordering jersey giants from Sandhill when i replenish my flock next year and would like to see pics of any adult birds from there. Any color JG will do because, i plan to purchase them all.
Hi I don't have Jersey Giants from Sandhill but I did order Giant Cochins and Orpingtons. The Cochins are hugh I don't have a current pic but I can get one The orpingtons are also very good quality. We also ordered Polish. From what I have heard they arent very good layers, but the ones from Sandhill lay everyday. DH recently bought some Buff Orpingtons locally and I can see already that they will not be anywhere as large as the Sandhill Orps. Hope this helps. Micki
I have Blue, Black and Splash Jersey Giants that I am breeding. They aren't from Sandhill, but i can get you pictures if you are interested....
I live close to Sand Hill and i did have some of his Black Jersey Giants and they are very nice show type birds. When I got out of jersey giants I sold my show stock back to Sand hill.

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