Sandspoultry in a magazine article - interesting weekend :)

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  1. A while back we were contacted by the editor of "Out Here" magazine and they wanted to do a story on heritage poultry and the preservation of. The magazine is published for Tractor Supply stores. Yesterday the editor, art director and photographer flew in to NC to do the story. They spent all afternoon here yesterday and 4 hours this morning taking pictures and doing interviews. We were nervous at first but it turned out to be alot of fun. Sharon and a Buff Orpington rooster will be on the cover of the spring addition. They said the spring issue will be at TSC around Feb. For nominal fee the new premadona Sharon and her roo will do autographs. LOL


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    [​IMG] [​IMG] Sharon will be famous!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That is so cool! Congrats to you! [​IMG] I'll be looking out for the magazine! [​IMG]
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    totally awesome Steve!!!!! Cant wait to see Sharonon the cover [​IMG]
  5. It was so funny, it's for the spring issue and here it is Dec. and just a little above freezing and it started sleeting during the shoot. Very few leaves left of the trees and they wanted her without a coat, see if you think she looks cold when you see it. I was freezing

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  7. Quote:The editor said they had done a piece on BYC before and was amazed at the group and how helpful it was to people. We both couldn't help but say we are there on BYC.


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    It was very interesting and fun too. It should be a nice article with lots of pictures. I am glad that more magazines and people are interested in poultry. I enjoy having people come to the farm and ask questions on the rabbits and poultry. It is nice to see people going back to their roots and wanting to raise a few birds and have a garden.
    I don't know about being famous, it was really cold to shoot a Spring cover. I was trying to think warm thoughts but the photographer said I keep getting that "deer in the headlight look"

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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