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Oct 5, 2012
Isle of wight England
Hi from England,
To any one who is in Sandy's way the east coast of the U.S, Hope you all are keeping safe, we are thinking of all of BYC members and all there chickens are OK.
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Thank you for thinking of us. We've done ok so far here in southeast Virginia. Still expecting high winds all day today (Tuesday). Hoping to hear from some folks up in the northeast - that's where the real trouble is.
Hello and THANK YOU for thinking of everyone in Sandy's path! Our son is in the USAF and stationed in Dover DE and we received a call from him last night saying all was well with everyone there. God bless all and their families who lost their lives.
Our thoughts are with those affected by Sandy. We hope that no BYCer has suffered injury or serious loss from it.

My daughter flew out of Boston on Saturday and reported that it was a very rough flight. The news reports that we have been seeing over here show what an awful experience this has been for many people. Good luck folks and I hope that life is restored to normal very soon.

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