Sandy's Chicken Coop Pictures


13 Years
Jul 8, 2009
Eldersburg, Maryland
Well, I've been trying to get our building journey documented on my page. My pictures turned out different sizes for some reason. I'm not good at computers, so maybe Hubby can clean it up later for me. If you have any suggestions on things we might not have thought about, please let me know. Not sure how to put a link here, but if you click My Page, it should take you there, I think.

It's been fun, but now I'm ready for a short winter
Thanks for looking.
I love love love your new coop! It looks like a little cottage. I love all the windows. I bet it will really look cute in the spring when you get your landscaping in. Are you planning on any window boxes? Be sure to post new pictures in the spring when you add all the extra touches. I love my coop but I've got to say....I'm having coop envy here.
that is not a coop it is a home!! It is gorgeous.. you have some lucky birds... and may I tell you you are a lucky lady also...
My husband does not want anything to do with the chickens except eat the eggs. He did buy me a pre built shed.. he had it dumped out back and now it is my problem... I am trying as hard as I can.. and at 55 it isn't easy.

You two have done a great job... I hope to see more pictures...

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