Santa Claus came in October


11 Years
Sep 13, 2008
Santa came in HD and I brought home some hay and straw bales today for our 2 girls. They have a whole section of a barn that we used for our horse, so they have a high ceiling and a large space, not at all a coop. So to keep them warm and give them some extra alternatives for snuggling together we got the hay and straw. I was sure they would be fearful of these objects in their house so we introduced each bale one at a time and we made a pile leading up to their roost. I feed them some pumpkin seeds while sitting on the bales and boy did they prove me wrong. I walked out of their area to help my DH and when I went back in to check on them they were talking, talking and talking to the bales and walking on them flying up on them, and acting like Santa had come early just for them.They were so antimated and excited!
I've never had chickens before and we've only had these girls 4-5 months, but I've learned just how much I missed by not having them sooner. They are so very funny.
I love to watch them. My hens and I have rituals. Now I have more chicks. More fun. I love my birds!!!
I also love to call my 86 and 88 year old parents that were farm people and now live in a retirement apt. building in town and tell them my stories and e mail pictures about the girls, and my dad will laugh till he has tears. It's a real boost for them to think about and remember their days on the farm. Who would have guessed that these sweet fun, funny girls would do so much for my elderly parents, I had no idea how enriching a bundle of feathers could be.

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