Sao has been put down


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Dec 29, 2010
Columbia SC
Poor little Sao after 2 weeks of trying to fix her splayed legs (did all the suggestions and made up a few too) she has one right but the other is useless now. she is way behind in her growth and she just flails about trying to scoot on it.which has worn a hole in her knee. What is the most humane way for me to do this deed?
For info she was the first egg of the season and the second to hatch the other 4 are fine and thriving.The parents have had the same diet since mating season started.just looking for answers to hopefully avoid this in the future if thats even possible.
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Mar 10, 2008
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So very sorry. I have talked to my one vet before about emu chicks as he deals with many emu farms. He said the number one reason for leg problems in chicks seems to be in incubation, can't remember if it is humidity that is the problem or temp.......

I think using a gun is suggested, but as we do not have one I have one pair of very sharp limb loppers i use for putting down chickens. I place them in a feed sack, position loppers around neck, then in one lop it's done. They do move in the bag some...... but it is easiest way on both of us.

Have you considered making her a chair for her to stand in and see if the leg can be fixed that way while she grows?


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Jun 8, 2010
Emu Hugger is right, Foulman. As hard as it may be emotionally, an emu is only an overgrown chicken. Tell us when it's done.

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Supreme Emu

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Jun 8, 2010
Ah, Foulman, I confess it’s all odd for me: I’m fifty, and had never had a pet in my life until I moved here to the farmhouse. Never. Not even a goldfish. I’m quite surprised at how The Whole Pet Thing has crept up on me.

I didn’t post about one other incident that happened out here: about three months ago, I found a lovely little chick hanging half-upside down in a fence. Old story: it must have tried to cross the fence in a panic, and got horribly stuck. I carried it home and nursed it for four days. On the fourth night, after refusing food and water the whole time, it just gave up, and fell over and died. I was truly surprised at how attached I’d become to it in just those few days. (I called it ‘Si kecil,’ which means ‘little one’ in Malay. Don’t even ask: I talk to my emus in Malay.)

Good luck with getting another feathery little friend. I wish I could have all the BYC persons over here for a weekend. You could sit in the backyard, in the Autumn sunshine, and watch the ‘foreign’ emus sneaking out of the gum trees to tax the ripe figs.

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Jun 17, 2009
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So sorry foulman. That is just so sad. I have tile floors and my baby wants to get out and run but I won't let her because she slips and I afraid she will slip a tendon. You are in my thoughts as is your little one. RIP Sao.


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