Sapphire/SBEL chicks, 1 with autosexing traits...

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    Jan 21, 2015
    x-posting to cream legbar hybrid thread

    So I had a broody hen and ordered some eggs for her. What ended up hatching was 2 "SBEL" and 2 Crested Cream Legbars. So I assumed I'd get 2 auto-sexing chicks and 2 white w/ black specks.

    This is what I got:

    So I see 2 females on the left. 1 male in the foreground. And a yellow chick.
    So I emailed the seller to see what was up with it. This is the gist of the response:

    "I crossed a crested cream legbar rooster with a white leghorn hen to get the SBELS. All the chicks that hatched last year were white and some had 2 or 3 small black spots. The 3 that I kept were all white with small crests and 2 of them have a very very light copper chest. This year I bred the 3 SBELS back to another crested cream legbar rooster with the intention of getting a more darker blue egg from this year's chicks. But about half the chicks that hatched were colored like crested cream legbar chicks. The other half of the chicks are white like last years chicks. My guess is that half of the chicks are also auto-sexing like legbars?"

    So my assumption is that they are Sapphires, not SBELs. Which is fine, I was just testing my broody to see if she'd hatch and raise some chicks! I'm happy either way. And I am 99% sure the one with the yellow on his head will be a cockerel. Now I realize the yellow one will not be auto-sexing. I was out with them today and realized the cockerel already has a much bigger comb than the other 3. I'm wondering if that means that the yellow Sapphire will be a pullet. They are only 11 days old, so I realize it may be too early to guess.

    Here are some more pics:


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