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  1. So, I just finished watching Valentine's Day.. and now I'm a bit sappy. Bit out of season, but anyone have any sappy stories to tell?

    Once my son (12) asked DH "Dad, do you think I'll ever meet a girl and get married like you did with mom?" that just about made me cry... and it sorta made me think maybe we were doing okay if our DS picks up on the fact that after near 14 years were still all daft over each other.

    And then mom called and said that Pepaw was going through the house and told her to make a note if she wanted anything... since my Memaw had passed... anywho, later I mentioned to DH that I'd love to have the paper and recordings that supposedly exist of my Gran's singing/lyrics (Gran was my best friend and surrogate mom. We're VERY much alike in our attitude -optimist- and just... well she was my Gran you know?) and you know what he said? "I bet she sounds like you" and sap that I am I just got all misty... which of course is when my sis showed up and she said "DANG... it isn't often I see my sister cry... what did he do?" and all I could manage was "Dang I love that man."

    So anywho, since I'm sitting here all sappy I figured I'd see if anyone else has any moments that really did them in. Grand gestures or those little somethings... anything that just made your day.
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    I know there must have been some sappy moments in my life (it's gone on long enough...) but darned if I can remember any. I guess I just erase those moments!

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