Sarge is home (edited to add pictures) :(


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
So excited - I'll post a pic once he gets here. Timing is perfect - farrier is coming Monday for trimmings, and the vet is coming Wednesday for checkups!

I can't wait to post a picture of him sleek and healthy - thank you everyone for the advice on putting weight on an older horse! Here's the last time I saw him:


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Issues came up, I finally got to bring him home today, and he's lost even more weight.
And a few large bald patches and shallow gashes that weren't there before.
He had a bath tonight, the farrier and vet are coming Wednesday, and then it's time to start easing him into his feedings and putting weight back on. I'm getting him started with three small feedings a day of soaked alfalfa cubes, beet pulp, and a very small amount of grain. He also has access to a small pasture for grazing that I had the other horses graze down quite a bit last week so it's not too rich for him. *sigh*

He's such a gentle soul, it breaks my heart to see him so thin. When he sees you walking toward his pasture, he RUNS to the fence to greet you - and he's an absolute dream to lead, bathe, load, etc. - has the BEST manners. When you hold out his halter he puts his nose in it and practically puts it on himself. I look forward to him glowing and glossy with health.



The previous owners and I had discussed him coming here on a trial basis. But after we unloaded him, I stood in the barn and watched him slurping up "alfalfa soup". He stopped eating, reached out and very softly kissed my cheek, then went back to eating.

I've made my decision - he won't be leaving my farm.
When was the last time his teeth were floated?
He might have hooks that are preventing him from eatting properly. also when I got my Thoroughbred off the track he was about 200lbs under weight but our vet suggested putting him on Dairymens Edge. Its made for cows but it helps draw the nutrients out of the feed.
Also placing him on a Senior feed mixed with a hay replacer like Strategy (which is what I have my 1 year old Paint filly and 10 year old Thoroughbred gelding on) might help some too.
Oh holy cow. I can understand not ever wanting to send him back he looks bad, severe neglect bad. IMO get the vet out asap. Either the jerks lied about giving him your feed and used it for other horses or something is quite wrong. Severe worms, severe teeth issues or possibly a metabolic issue. I wouldn't even just try worming him on my own till a vet sees him because if it is a massive case of worms and too many are killed off in one shot it could cause colic. Get pictures and documentation from a vet as well because once you get him healthy again you do not want the previous owners to have a single legal leg to stand on owning him.

Really truly get the vet involved and look into making him as legally yours as possible, bills of sale papers everything you can do. Right now he looks like hell but in better shape I can bet he is a hell of a nice horse. I would defiantly worry that once you get him healthy and the old owners know it they want him back to try and resell. Ive seen that happen more then once. Even at his age if healthy he could make a few bucks.
Wow...poor Guy. I dont think he lost much more weight. ...he shedded out and he has no thick fur to hide those ribs....our horses are old...we feed free choice coastal hay and senior to them. I recently rescued a pony that was in similar shape to yours....he is coming along wonderfully. ... good luck to you!!

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