Saria, the Easter Miracle

Discussion in 'Geese' started by SouthernPride, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Here are 2 pictures of the little hatchling that started it all for us. Some here may have read that we had a couple of wild Canada geese that came year after year to our pond and never had been successfull at hatching any goslings. This year something (fox?) got the female. My husband went to investigate and came back with 3 eggs. I loved that couple and want so badly to save those eggs, but had never done anything like this before. I have had other birds before, exotics, but never farm type birds. I bought an incubator, did some research and we had one egg hatch. It was love at first site! Everyone in the family is so attached to her. Her personality is amazing.

    This was her at just a few days old.


    This is her today at 10 weeks.

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    She is very cute. I bet she is really attached to everyone in the family, too. I hear lone swans form a very strong bond with their people, at least there are a few people in the family who she can follow around. [​IMG]
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    I think on another thread you were wondering if she would leave. I suspect not. She is bonded with you. Here, we have a lot of local wild Canada geese on the lakes, and I think many of them have never been more than a mile or two away from where they hatched, ever. They don't migrate, they just hang out where the water flows in the winter, which is generally the canals that connect the various lakes. I've observed local birds in the neighborhood flock, and, while they all look the same, some of them have distinctive markings or other recognizable features, and I know that I've seen some of the same individuals in my yard for several years.

    If they have no reason to leave, I don't think they will. Give her food, companionship, and I bet she'll stay. I also kind of suspect she may eventually mate with one of your Africans if one turns out to be male, although if you have a male and female pair there, its hard to say for sure who will mate with whom - love is fickle, after all.
  4. What a pretty girl . . . and a neat story . . . she'll cause a lot of double takes when people see your goose flock . . .

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