Saturday Aug 7th. Willy Nilly Feed Bushnell FL

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    This swap is a monthly occurance at Willy Nilly Feed (1st and 3rd Saturday

    I am downsizing my flock to make room for different breeds. I will have many chicks, some mutts, ranging from 3-7 dollars.

    a quad of jersey giants can be brought, but unless emailed ahead of time, i'm not stressing them out.

    a wade jean c1 roo and some girls to go with him

    also, there will be a vendor there with rabbits, turkeys, and pheasant.

    another vender and friend of mine has a cochin pair for 20. and an extra roo for 10.

    a vendor with polish and lt brama's usually shows up. his birds are 1.50 each for babies usually.

    another regular vendor usually has peachicks, turkeys, quail, ducks, and asst babies.

    Amy, the owner has soda avail for 50 cents, and there is a 2.00 setup fee per vendor.

    the birds are in the shade (and so are we).

    she is right off of exit 314 in bushnell. make a right if going 75 south, and a left if going 75 north.
    she's on the left, a few hundred feet down.

    hope to see you there.!!!
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