Save-a-Chick or Performance Poultry by Durvet (Electrolytes & Probiotics)

Which is better? And how long do you provide to chickens?
Thank you for your question. We often recommend Sav-A-Chick to maintain hydration during times of stress.

Both products you listed are electrolyte products and are probably very similar in composition. Products like these aren’t intended to be fed for long periods of time. Maybe 5 days at most. They are designed to help provide extra nutrients at a time when the birds need it most. Often times, this corresponds to a time that the birds are not eating. This could be due to illness or from the birds being too hot and not wanting to eat. If they are hot, then they are going to eat less feed and not get all of the nutrition that they need. At times like this, it is recommended to add the electrolytes and probiotics to the water because the birds will still drink water in the heat. These products help get birds through stressful events. If you are concerned about the health of your chickens, then you should consult with a veterinarian about what treatment plan is best for your chickens.

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