Saved a egg bound chicken

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    Jul 9, 2010
    I wanted to share this with everyone if it wasnt for this forum and all the help it has given me in the past I would probably have had a dead chicken in the morning.

    Anyway I have just been upto check on my chickens and one was not looking to happy all fluffed up and head down anyway when I looked at the back end anyway I managed to get the egg out and it hadnt properly developed and didnt have a shell so broke once it landed on the floor and the chickens ate it.

    I know it can be a sign of calcium defiency but I have recently got them some granules but is there anything else I can give to stop this happening in the future.

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    That's great that you DON'T have one that died and you saved her.

    Here are some things that I use, and that my research has uncovered.

    1. Put 1Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar per gallon in the drinking water. This helps the pH in the chicken's innards be correct to absorb maximum nutrients and calcium
    2. have oyster shell available all the time---free choice. Smashing up the chicens own shells and putting those out for the chickens gives them calcium
    3. Hold off on the treats and make sure that the feed that you are feeding them has calcium (the layer feed with the maximum calcium on the label is a good choice)
    4. Consider chicken vitamins and or Vitamin D-3 which helps with shell production-- If your chickens spend most of the time in the shade this may help them -- I bought some D3 supplement at walMart and crush the tablet and mix in with a little feed and water.

    Good luck with improving shells...and Congrats on saving your chicken.
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    Glad, you saved her. I lost one to being egg bound. What happened to mine was the egg dried up inside her & she couldn't push it out. Lubed the egg inside her & she finally passed the egg. But sometimes this happens & can often keep happening. At least, this was my experience. The girl got egg bound again & the egg broke inside her. She was running a high temp. & not doing well & in alot of pain. I was told to put her down. Which, I did. So, please keep an eye on her. Hopefully, you won't have any more problems. Good Luck.
    Might want to provide a small bowl of oyster shells available to your girls 24/7.

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