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    Aug 31, 2008
    my husband brought home a rooster a week and a half ago, his head was badly injured and losing his one eye, we thought he was doing better, eating interacting well, i soaked his face a few times a day. his scab was coming off his eye, but not sure if he can see out of it, last night seemed very tired today he keeps putting his head down low like he can't stay awake, but he keeps tumbling over and does it again, won't eat. i held him for over two hrs thinking he was dying and didn't want him to keep falling, he just layed in my arms. i finally put him in his attached out side kennel thinking maybe he would lie down and not tumble, after a few tumbles he did finally lie down but can't keep his head behind on his back, it keeps falling and hes very warm. i tried cooling him down with cold sponges, is he dying?
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    Sounds like he may be in shock as well as being injured.

    Place him in a small dog or cat carrier and put him in a dark secluded area like a spare bathroom or closet.

    Boil some eggs and mash up the yolks and feed him those.

    Dissolve some aspirin in water and give it to him in an eye dropper along the side of his beak to help ease the pain.

    Does he have an injury to his ear as well as the eye? That could give him a balance problem.

    Where did you get him from?
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    Jul 12, 2008
    I agree, give him asprin water, there's not much else to do. Blueberries also seem to do wonders for my chickens when they're sick and dont feel like eating.

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