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Sep 28, 2011
West Lnn, Oregon
If I buy at the big farm stores (Coastal or Wilco) they charge 14 dollars for 40 pounds. 35 cents a pound. If I go to a local small independent feed store, they do better at 50 pounds for $15. That is 30 cents a pound. Once in a blue moon one of the big farm stores do sell some feed for a lower price, but it is rare. I got 40 pounds for 10 dollars last fall. 25 cents a pound is a lot better.

How many pounds of layer pellets should my regular sized layer hens eat a day.

I would like to be able to make some profit on my egg sales, but the data I have is that each hen should eat 10 pounds of feed a month. Is this pretty accurate? If it is accurate, it means 380 pounds a month, or $114 dollars worth.

So, if I sell the eggs they lay for 4 dollars a dozen and they have been laying only 1 1/2 dozen eggs per day (since some are a few years old and lay very little or none but I do not want to cull them!), I get 45 dozen eggs a month. I can sell my 45 dozen eggs for 180 dollars a month. That means (subtracting 114 from 180), I get 66 a month to use for building supplies, gas to go get the feed, getting new hens, and everything else. There is no profit. Of course killing the old lady hens would result in profit maybe, but they are my pets and I have a name for each, etc.

Is there a way to decrease the cost of the feed? Can I mix in some less costly grain or maybe some black oil sunflower seeds or even some bread? Can I put in corn? Can I get a lower price if I buy 1/2 ton (I do not have a place for it outside of the bags). What do people do?

Does anyone in the Portland, Oregon area know of a place to get layer pellets for under $15 for 50 pounds?
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