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    Feb 21, 2010
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    This morning I opened my incubator to a sorta rotten, hard boiled egg smell. I identified the culprit... It was the one I thought was infertile when I candled on day 10. Turns out my newbie eyes aren't that bad at this! I decided to candle it just to make absolutely sure and grabbed a couple of others since I was in the bator anyway. The rotten one was sure enough clear, aside from what looked like a little scramble... LOL. The second one I could see the airsac and it looks like it's developed further but I didn't catch it moving so we'll have to ee what happens with that one. So I got to the third one and at first I was slightly bummed because to me it looked a little less developed than the second one... But then it moved!!! And then it moved again!!!

    I'm so excited that I have a real live baby in there! [​IMG] Hopefully this means I also have at least a couple in there more too...
    4 days til lock down and about a week til we (hopefully) see some little fuzz butts!!! YAY!!!
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    Congrats I loved seeing them move and hearing them peep when they where still in a egg, and Good luck on your hatch!

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