Saw something really sad this morning . . .

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    When I was parking my car this morning in the lot at Century 21 where I work, there was a little rabbit lounging on the sidewalk when I looked. I thought he was just sort of relaxing, but when I got out, I could tell he was hurt in his hind legs and was only able to drag his front around. Of course, he was just scared to death, and I felt so sorry for him. I had heard someone in the office say Monday morning that a rabbit had been hit on the road in front of the office, but they never saw him again, and thought he had run off somewhere to die. He evidently had been hiding in the bushes recovering as best he could. . .the broker's wife and I didn't know what to do with him, so made a few phone calls. Luckily,the conservation dept. was right across the road, So I took a box with a lid and took him over there. I hated it, as I know what they did to him, but no way could he survive without the use of his back legs. . . started my day off really bad. I cannot stand to see an animal or little kid in distress. Ruins my day.
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    [​IMG] How sad! But you did the right thing! [​IMG]

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