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10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
Was out finishing up the last of our farming yesterday.
I was culivating this strip and kicked up a jack rabbitt. I watched him run up this hill. As he was getting close to the top a gold eagle came swooping in at the rabbit. It missed.
The rabbit turned left and was now heading down the hill full speed.
The eagle came swooping in again, hit the rabbit in the side knocking it off balance, but in this dive the eagle clipped the ground with it's right wind, knocking it off balance also. Almost flipped it's self. The eagle landed and the rabbit was off and running.

The eagle sat there for a couple seconds and then took off after the rabbit. They dropped down behind a hill so I didn't see all that happened after this. I did see the eagle drop behind the hill then come back up and dive back down. It was gone from sight for awhile then I saw it fly off. I was too far away to see who won.
i did see the eagle sitting in one of our fields for quite awhile, whether he caught this rabbit or another one I do not know.

See some of the coolest stuff farming.


Global Menace
10 Years
Mar 20, 2009
N. Chesterfield, Virginia
That is very cool!

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