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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by OHChick, Sep 12, 2007.

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    May 8, 2007
    I was looking at the Mt Healthy Hatchery website, and saw this special on meat birds..... 100 for $26. Says they are some sort of American Breed. Not Cornish X. I don't know anything about meat birds, but this is the hatchery that I got my layers from, everyone comments on how gorgeous my birds are and how healthy they look. [​IMG]

    Link to deal: 1
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    American Meat Makers--Surplus Chicks < FROM THIER SITE

    They probably are not meat birds as such could be from duel purpose (RIR/DELAWARES/etc... )so they may will not fill out near as quickly. Will take more food and not be as meaty, but will still be good to eat, juat take longer to get to butcher size. This is what happens with the other half of the PULLET ONLY orders.
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    I think in general, when the say "fryer", they are the surplus males of breeds which could conceivably be eaten (i.e. not Leghorns). I think the standard procedure is to raise them to about 3 pounds live weight and sell them as fryers.

    Regarding "the other half", I read that over 99% of day old roosters are destroyed via mechanical maceration. Don't even google it unless you have a strong stomach. :\\
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    Yes, from what I gathered from the ad, this is "roosters" from dual purpose breeds. Other hatcheries label these as "Fryer specials" "Fry Pan Specials"...etc.

    You may receive a few pullets in this shipment, but only a few if any at all. It's a good price if you want to raise fryers.


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