Saying goodbye to my baby boys :-(


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Apr 12, 2021
Sacramento Area, California
Just wanted to share with people that will understand. This week I rehomed 6 cockerels, 2 of which we’ve had for 4 months and I very much loved. Probably more than the three hens I still have. We still have our very favorite boy, but couldn’t keep all of them as I live in a neighborhood and just can’t have lots of crowing and boy fights—not enough space for them. 😢 I managed to find them all great homes but today’s was just so hard. I miss my good boys! 😢😢


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It's great that you could find homes for them! We all go through this; too many cockerels, can't keep them all.
Yeah, I’m hoping we can keep my favorite boy…as long as the neighbors don’t get testy. They’re such good chickens ❤️


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The little girl in tears is heartbreaking. I wish we could keep all the boys too, little girl. :hugs
I know, she loves them so much! And really struggles letting go of things she loves (I might know where she gets it!). Breaks my heart 😩 my plan is to own acreage when we retire where I can take all the boys for others that can’t keep them too. Pay it forward, for all the sweet boys that just wanna crow without judgment! ❤️
Sorry to hear. They do start to get feisty unfortunately. Also my boy lee who has been such a lovely boy has started to become just a decibel louder and has started waking me at 5:30 am and if he can wake me he possibly could be a nuisance. Argh things were going great for a few months lol. I'm really not too sure how lovely the boys are tbh. The girls really are lovely. The boys... well I have 4 of them remaining but I do wonder if it is worth the headache. My plan was to use them for breeding and then get rid of them but they need to be about a year old for breeding which is a lot of crowing.
What I don't understand is how girls I got from elsewhere are so much more noisy than girls I have raised myself. The girls I raised myself are a tight knit group.
The others keep making egg songs all day, bully each other and go broody all the time. It's quite a stark difference really. I know they were raised with older hens so they just picked up a bunch of bad habits from that place.

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