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    Jul 15, 2007
    I just wanted to thank some people who helped me improve my flock at school. I was able to take out some roosters and replace them with hens. This had to be done before school started so as not to upset my (now) over 800 science students. The students range in grade from K-5, so I didn't really want to get into the "hey, your teacher killed the chick chicks that were raised from eggs just 'cause they were boys!" thing!!![​IMG] (Even though that might be good for discipline![​IMG] ). The eggs (& some of the girls are laying!!) will be donated to Forgotten Harvest, a food bank. Kaleeka helped me to get 2 RIR hens from a farmer. The hens aren't having too much trouble now learning to adjust to free range! I was about to travel across the state to see Angelschmoo who was going to surprise me with free hens! I enjoyed just sharing stories with this nice lady over the phone & felt bad when I canceled to pick up Cheek's girls. Cheek was moving to CA & could not take her hens & so we "killed 2 birds with 1 stone" as she put it![​IMG] Her friend also gave me the water & feed containers, some feed, a book & some bedding! This was great because everything so far has come out of this teacher's pocket (which we all know aren't very big!!)
    Now I can do some exciting science with the children along with a service project. We have a meat bird-Hillary, the Cornish X who is so sweet & I just can't cull, Fred (RIR), the only rooster, who is named after the principal so I love getting him to eat out of my hand![​IMG] 3 RIR hens- Izzy, unnamed, & unnamed, a beautiful, awesome looking silver-laced wyandotte named Winnie & a beautiful Buff Orpington named Buffy. Now Hillary was saved crossing the road (1-75) and Cheeks saved Buffy from a hawk! The children will have lots to write about!! They can also do breed comparisons & research. My next big project I am worried about (it has been non-stop rain since I introduced all the new players!!![​IMG] ) is building a bigger coop. They can fit in the dog house, but it doesn't have nesting boxes & is too small for them for winter use. Thank you everyone on this website for all I keep learning, thank you Cheeks (& good luck!), Kaleeka & Angelschmoo! It's for a good cause & the children will be delighted with their "farm"! If anyone has recommendations or ideas, let me know! Thanks, Pam

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