SC Arkansas WTB Small breed male RABBIT, or can trade Silkie chicks.


11 Years
May 29, 2008
SC Arkansas
Does anybody close by (Arkadelphia, Dalark, Sparkman area) have a cute small breed male rabbit for sale fairly cheap or free, good with kids and other rabbits, around a year old or so.

I have one cute white small breed male, Bozle, very sweet, around a year old. I had another male he lived with but he died not long ago. Coyote attack! Thankfully Bozle got away.

I built a stronger hutch, nice big one, and we got another rabbit but it turned out to be a female and she had babies a few weeks ago but they were born dead and she died the next day. It was so sad. I guess it was an infection...? Don't really know, but our sweet little boy is lonely again. I thought about selling him, but I know I'd miss him. I'd rather have a male so I don't have to deal with the baby bunny thing, because I obviously have no clue about all that stuff and don't want to be responsible for any more bunny deaths. I need a confirmed male.

I have adorable Silkie chicks available to trade as well, or can pay a reasonable price.

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