Scabbing crusty skin around vent - feather mites?

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    I've tried researching all the threads and can't seem to find anything, or if I do, the links to the photos are broken, so forgive me if this topic has been discussed a million times :)

    I bought an OEGB roo and pullet pair at a fair (I know, I know). They had red mites, so I treated with poultry dust and it seems to have done the trick. The sweet little guy has scabby crusty skin around his vent. I gave him a flea bath and put some antibiotic ointment on him and separated him from his girl and put him in a separate coop with fresh pine bedding. I kept checking and no mites crawling on either of them after about a week and they both looked lonely, so I put her in with him.

    I've also been treating the coop with DE and poultry dust too, just to be safe. They're both so young (I'd say 15 weeks at most?) I don't think she's picking him or they are mating yet - it looks more like a crusty white and red bumpy build up - no crawling bugs that I can see, even at night. Do you think this is feather mites or red mites even though I can't see anything crawling? She doesn't have any similar symptoms, she looks good.

    What else can I do for him? Maybe dousing his backside/vent with olive oil to lubricate the area and soften the scabs & rough skin? I'm afraid if I wait much longer his vent will close up - I can't even see it, there's so much dried crusty whitish skin. I can't tell if there are any feather lice since there are no feathers where the scabs are, but no eggs on the feathers surrounding the perimter that I can see.

    Edited to add: When I gave him the flea bath I tried picking off the scabs when the warm water had softened them, but it strarted bleeding, so I stopped. I didn't want to risk pulling his skin off.

    It's raining here, so I can't take pics now, but I'll try to do it later...

    Thanks for helping me with this one!
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