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    Mar 28, 2009
    We just brought home 5 baby black sexlink chicks about 4 days ago. Yesterday when I went to check on them one of the 5 chicks had what looked like a bunch of dry poop stuck to it's bum [​IMG] It looked irritated with it, and was picking a lot at it. As I continued to observe it, I saw it poop out a gel like yellow color poop, and then picked again at it's bum and the poop. It seems very irritated, so my fiance and I got a wet rag and tried to wipe off the try poop, but it was so bad that if we continued to rub we would have ripped it's feathers off, it almost looks like wood shavings are stuck to it's bum, but I think it may be a scab, I have no idea. I'm not sure what to do from here, do we need to seperate it from the others? Is this something to worry about as much as I am? Any advice would be helpful, I just don't want to end up with a dead little chick if I can prevent that from happening.

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    You need to remove the dried poop as soon as possible. If you don't, the vent will become blocked and the chick will die, and this can happen very quickly. Try soaking the chick's rear in a cup of warm water. Yes, the chick will hate it and cheep like mad, but it really helps loosen stuff up. Then carefully and slowly pick the poop and shavings off as they loosen up. You will probably have to soak several times before you can get it all off. The fluff in that area will probably come off with it, but that is better than dying. Just go very slowly and carefully so you don't tear the skin.

    If there is a scab, it will probably come off as well, so be prepared for that. Clean everything really good with some weak iodine. As long as the other chicks don't peck at the area, leave him in with the others.
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    Quote:Good advice. Let us know if you have any more problems.
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    They are right, I might go on to add, that this is no big deal, it happens quit a lot with chicks, their fuzz catches the watery poop and eventually biulds up and makes this clot you were talking about. Just pick it off from time to time, yes you will rip the fuz off usually, but that actually ends up helping, as there will no longer be any for the poop to get stuck on. Dont worry, this usually goes away after the first few weeks
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    everything you have been told is right. its called poopy butt or pasty butt. its kind of common in chicks! and it will kill them. also when your trying to get it off use warm water and mild soap like hand soap and a q tip work good to clean the area if its just alittle. you will need to keep an eye on that chick and make sure to keep its butt clean. also watch it because sometimes other chicks will peck at it.
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    I was hoping to ask about this for 5 bantams, only 8 days old and all have it, some more than others, but washed all 5 last nite. Here I lucked up on this thread and it really helps to know it's so common.

    I want to add this one bantams are still quite small, and I hold them in a way that they love when I clean them.

    I place them onto my right hand just on the finger, with face aimed toward my pinky and vent at my index finger, their feet on my index finger. Then I cup my palm over them, cuddling them and they fall asleep. I get a shallow bowl of very warm water and ease their vent end into it...they almost never wake. I coo them as we soak about 2 minutes, then bowl is big enough to allow my left fingers to coax the area clean. It takes awhile sometimes, but the chicks sleep through it all and feel safe there, cuddled in my hand.

    It may help to say that I am making pets of these 5 bantams, and I hold them often anyway.

    Thank you all for helping me!

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