Scaley leg mites - can it cause bald spots?

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    I am still fairly new to chicken keeping, and worried about one of my favourite hens. I think she's about 9 months old or so. She has had scaley leg mites for a little while, which I have treated a few times with vaseline. I just noticed that her legs look pretty scaley again, so I am treating her again - but also, she has a noticeable bald patch on her head. I examined the bald patch closely tonight and it doesn't look infected or anything, but there is a red mark which may be from pecking, as I have seen one of the other hens (who is kind of a bully) pecking this young hen repeatedly.

    My question is, is it more likely that the bald patch is caused by mites that have moved onto her body, or is it more likely that it is from pecking? I guess there is little chance it is molting, in such a young hen. If it is mites, can I treat it somehow?

    Thank you!

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Hello, please check out food grade Diatomaceous Earth. I bought mine from . This stuff is awesome! It does many helpful things. One of which is destroy anything with an exoskeleton which mites have.It helps with ammonia odor and helps keep things dry. sprinkle around when you change out bedding on floor and nesting boxes. Food grade is important the non-food grade is to potent. If chickens are picking check out blue kote. I hope this helps you

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