scaley leg mites

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  1. I noticed one of my roosters legs looked a bit different than his other leg. upon closer inspection, i realized he has scaley leg mites!!! my dad thinks they'll go away when they get some more free ranging time outside in a few months. but knowing mites, it would get worse and worse. what do i do? i can't quarenteen him, i have no where to put him, no extra spzce that could get him killed, plus my parents have a stict no excetions no chickens in the house rule. what do i do?
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    Grease his legs up with Vaseline/Bag Balm/A+D ointment/Neosporin- any one of those would work. Keep his legs well greased for a week or two and that should smother any leg mites. You will also need to check out the other birds because when one has them there are usually more. Apply a coat of cooking oil/olive oil to all the roosts you have to kill any mites in the environment.

    Good luck.
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    Does it help to soak the legs in flea and tick shampoo? We did that first with our Sumatra hen. Not sure if that was necessary but wanted to do all we could for her. We then smeared her legs with vaseline.

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