Scaley leg mites!


6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
I noticed a few of my hens lower leg near the ankle had a few scales standing out. I read my health handbook, and it said for treatment and prevention- Mix 1 part kerosene to 2 parts linseed oil. Paint the mixture on roosts and their legs. In the mid-day I coated all of the roosts. When everyone went to bed I brushed it onto their legs. I am hoping that I have caught it soon enough that it will clear up quickly. It says I am to recoat their legs every 10 days until the problem clears up. Paint the roosts monthly for control. When everyone got up this morning I expected a gooey mess....nope everything looked ok. We have had a string of really hot days, I read that is when the mites, lice etc. really go bonkers.
Yep, this was our first year with leg mites!! Never had a problem before. We used mineral oil with some tea tree oil on their legs, along with weekly cleaning on the barn. Quite the pain, but everyone is doing well, only notice raised scales on the Roo, which is the one I first noticed the leg mites on in the first place. Have read that it may be that the scales just need to fall off, but I keep dunking their legs once a week as I am afraid to stop.
I have 2 broody hens that I don't want to be broody. When I picked one up I noticed her legs felt rough. When I looked more closely it seemed to be the early stage of this problem. DARN!

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