Scaley leg? Or just molting old scales? (pics)


9 Years
Oct 28, 2010
These are my 3yo BO's feet. They look slightly better than they did a few weeks ago... he seems to be shedding the large gray scales as I am seeing fresher, pinker skin/scales on his toes and such. Yes his feet are muddy, the run has just barelyb finished drying out with all this crummy rain and snow... still recovering from when we didn't have the tin roof on it!


I think some Vaseline on those feet would not be a bad thing. I am on the fence about whether it is scaly leg mites or just wear and tear. If it is scaly leg mites treating him with Vaseline and then coating their roosts with oil should clean it up. A pretty simple solution, so I would do it just to be on the safe side.

Good luck.
No, I have not treated it at all... I wasn't sure if it was scaley leg, and Big Red is loathe to let me touch him/be handled, and I would need to draft my brother into the mite fighting army.

So... like.. go get some cheap cooking oil and put it in a misting bottle and go nuts with it?
Well, I captured him and did it myself today... he wanted to attack me, so I just grabbed his feet and put him up on the roost so I could spray his legs with the oil. Then I totally sprayed their main roosting spots down too.
Oily tummy feathers, but I suppose they will clean up soon enough. Hopefully this helps. (I used Canola Oil....). LOL, later, I picked up the 6 month old pullet... her feet were nice and soft!

Oh.. just a random question... Why are his toes crooked? Particularly the middle ones. Is it just cuz he's such a big guy?
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