Scaley legs and short feathers?

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  1. I have a Columbian Rock X Hen, her feathers seem very short and her legs are scaly.

    I have checked for mites and fleas and her feathers/vent are clean. Her feathers are not broken (from her boyfriend) and don't look pecked at. Her legs are also dark grey, the rest of her kind all have yellow legs. She hasn't fallen back on feed or water and is still laying. She is still perky and energetic. Her Wattle and comb are still in great condition. I am wondering if this could be the start of something that could spread to the rest of my flock. Or could this just be a genetic issue? A harsh molt? She is from last spring

    This is the first I have seen this in any of my hens.

    Any feedback would be great!
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    Look up and read about scaly leg mites. Various oils can be used to smother the mites by rubbing it on her legs. It can be spread to the others if that's what she has

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