Scalped chicken & dead ducks

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    Apr 24, 2009
    DH went down to the coop today. Last night/early morning something ate two of our ducks. We have already lost two in the last two days and then today being day three, we lost two more ducks last night. Down to one duck. I think raccoon.

    Anyway, we started putting the girls in the coop last night. Before they were sleeping on top of their run and only going into the coop to lay. This morning, I found the ducks, so DH goes down to get the bodies to dispose of them. He looks into the coop because he can't find the remains of one of the ducks and discovers a new pullet scalped and laying bloody in one of the nest boxes. He asks me what to do, we check it over and it needed to be put down. [​IMG] Poor girl.

    After he takes care of the gross stuff, I go down to the coop area and help him make the run more secure. Wire on the bottom of the run, lots of doubled wire outside, hardware cloth windows, etc. Put the remaining duck in the new and improved coop and hope for the best. Lock hens up for the night. Hope that no one ends up dead or close to it tomorrow.

    But why are my chickens scalping each other? While down there I noticed two more hens with peck marks on their crests/heads. They already have bald backs. What can I do??? They are inside a 40X150ft. fenced-in "free range" area during the day and then at night put inside the 4X8ft. coop. There are 7 hens. There is plenty of room! Help!

    Let me add that I watched one of the Wyandotte girls find a small piece of gore with Pekin feathers, run from everyone and swallow it whole. [​IMG]
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    Apr 27, 2010
    stress? I have no idea, but I am hoping that a bump may make it more likely to be answered.
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    I wouldnt tolerate aggressive chickens like that wyandotte. I'd find the culprits and separate them. Maybe they are missing protein in their diet? That's a wild guess b.t.w.

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