Scalpel or punch for Bumblefoot treatment

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    Ok, I have attempted surgery on several of our girls and it has worked on most of them. But a couple of them I am not getting deep enough or getting all the infection out and we had to take two girls to the vet yesterday. Can you say ouch, our bill was over $323 I don't know if I am afraid to cut too deep or what so I'm wondering if I should try maybe using the biopsy punch instead of the scalpel. What are your opinions on using the punch as opposed to using the scalpel to remove bumblefoot? How deep does the punch go or are they preset to go to a certain depth?

    Any help will be helpful so we don't have to continue to take girls to the vet.
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    With a biopsy punch, the underlying tissue may need to be cut to lift the whole thing out after the tool cuts the circle. I don't know if there is a standard depth. We considered using one when our girls had bumblefoot, but it seemed terribly painful and we have no experience using anything like that.

    If your girls don't have a lot of swelling, it's best not to cut the skin. Even with surgery, it can take months to go away (vet visits or not).

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