Scaly leg mite pics

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    Jan 15, 2007
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    Now that's something I hope I never see![​IMG]
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    This is SLM in it's early stages. The brown stuff is mud.
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    Our Spice Finches at work all have them...We took them off the floor and my ijit boss put them back out again...:mad:
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    I have had great success with tea tree oil (a few Tablespoons)and vick's vapo rub (blue jar in the cough and cold section of the human pharmacy used to put in vaporizers),(not vaseline) mixed well, and apply to each bird one leg at a time, rubbing it in under the scales as much as possible.
    The mites cannot tolerate the vapo rub nor the tea tree oil, all of which are anti-bacterials and anti-fungals too.
    I use MELA-FIX available at Pet Shops or Wal mart or Dr Foster's and
    Mela-Fix is pure tea oil, it is cheap and used in Koi ponds.
    Every so often, first thing in the morning, my DH and I do the leg rub.
    The birds have a DE/sand dust bath and never have scaley leg mites anymore.

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