Scaly Leg Mite treatment


12 Years
Oct 6, 2010
Bay Area, CA
I'm pretty sure my three adults have Scaly Leg Mites. I've put Vaseline on their feet and legs the past 5 nights. How do I know if it's working? Their feet are a mess. Just coated with dirt. And as hard as I try to mash it up under the scales, they really don't like this.

And they are just a mess now with Vaseline and dirt on their tummies. One has it all over her back. Not sure how she managed that.

Is Vaseline really the best treatment and it just works and I have to trust this?

Just looking for some guidance and encouragement.
I've heard of dipping there feet in mineral oil, and mixing in a drop of tea tree oil.
But what your doing with the Vaseline sounds right. I would also clean the coop and sprinkle sevin dust on the roosts and floors (a little goes a long way)

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